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Monday, March 29, 2010

Gone Fishin'

We're presently in Vieques. We hope to do some posting while we're here, but to date the internet service hasn't been robust enough to allow us to upload photos. And we don't know about you, but to us a blog without images is just a little too much work!!

We will be covering a lot about food here on the island, plus a few travel- related thoughts, so stay tuned. It may have to wait till we're home, but eventually we'll have plenty to show & tell!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our bit of Paradise

We start thinking about going back to Vieques, Puerto Rico, around November.We were introduced to "The Enchanted Isle" many many years ago.We still remember being on Navio,one of the most beautiful of the many beaches on this once forgotten island and asking a perfect stranger who was swimming by us if we/they were going to tell anyone about our mutual "discovery".To which she replied "Not a hope".
Word did get out, but not so much that Vieques has been "ruined".Much has changed,a lot has not, which we are grateful for.Once the military left,the largest wildlife sanctuary in the Caribbean, under the protection of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, was established encompassing nearly 60% of this tiny island.
Only 5 by 21 miles long,Vieques relies heavily on tourism.One of the most popular attractions is Bio Bay,home to a one celled organism that is part animal,part plant.
Tours are given,and on an overcast evening,if you're lucky,you can view these creatures as they glow in the" bay" once the water is agitated.
Grateful does not begin to express how we feel, as once again,
we make plans to go back to our bit of paradise.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lee's last show

The visuals from Alexander McQueen's last show are jaw droppingly beautiful to our eyes.Check them out for your self with the link provided.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thoughts of warmer days

We have been blessed with near record temps this past week. Beautiful blue skies and warm days invite thoughts of spring being around the corner, as previous posts have hi-lighted.
The week-end though does not look promising, they are even suggesting that we may get SNOW next week! Horrors!!!

Recently from our friends at Copenhagen Cycle Chic, we came across this video that brought a smile and warmth to our hearts that spring and summer are not that far off.
Not a bad reaction to have from an advert.
Hats off to Cigno, not only for the great visuals, but for their beautifully designed bicycles.

Below is a quick explanation of these awesome bikes...

Cigno is celebrating spring/summer 2010 with Seventy, its latest creation, liberally inspired to the legendary bike Graziella, icon of the sixties and seventies, considered by many as Brigitte Bardots Rolls Royce. The main feature of the new Seventy is its extraordinary practicality: thanks to the chrome frame easy to fold via a central hinge, the small wheels and removable handlebars and saddle, it can fit very comfortably in the trunk of a small car. Compared to older models, it is much lighter thanks to its components completely redesigned in aluminum, which also confer a more up-to-date design. Furthermore, saddle, grips and pump covered in leather, remain faithful to the luxury DNA of the Cigno brand.

Seventy is the unconventional bike for unconventional people who want to enjoy the freedom of the road, just like the good old Graziella, symbol of the psychedelic-tinged and carefree spirit of the sixties. Seventy comes in six exclusive colour variants inspired to cities and destinations of the youth revolution of the past 40 years and is available in London Green, Formentera Beige, Saint Tropez Blue, Amsterdam Orange, Paris Pink and Mikonos Purple.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Age of Fashion

It is often said that fashion is youth obsessed. In our view, there is some validity to this statement.....or is it envy?Wouldn't we all like to return to those halcyon days when one could party all night long? Consuming and smoking... and go back to work the following day none the worse for wear, ready for another night out? That porcelain complexion, etc., etc....well maybe...
There is no doubt that some of these "young pups" are definitely pushing the boundaries of fashion and sometimes steering the ship but...
....we believe that fashion isn't so much about youth and clothes as it is about style and attitude and most of all that self assurance and confidence that come with, dare we say i,t AGE!!
From the incomparable Diana Vreeland....
...who reached the pinnacle of her career in fashion, well into her seventies.
To the wonderfully fabulous Iris Apfel who continues and is still glorious in her eighties....to the amazing Catherine Deneuve, who, no matter what, continues to be the definition of the true "parisienne"at any age. Bravo, Cherie!True some of the pictured here are from the rarefied world of fashion.
Thank-you Garance Dore,
Scott Schuman, and Tommy Ton...but...how could one not fall in love with this wonderfully stylish Parisian couple seen recently during Paris Fashion week.
Or these two beautiful men at Pitti Uomo, in Firenze.

We can only hope that, when we too "grow up", we will be able to reach the heights of style the pictured here are currently enjoying. We have recently been introduced to"Advanced Style" a joy of a blog, that celebrates the wonderfully stylish people of a certain age.We highly recommend that you check it out here
They are a true inspiration of what it is to be"fashionable", and dare we say it, envied.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Winter in Canada?

The sun has been shining brightly this week & the temperatures are climbing. Restless urbanites are making the most of what could be only a brief week of respite from the typical late winter gray & damp.
The venerable Black Bull on Queen Street West is always first out of the gate & this year they have no doubt set some sort of record for early patio opening.

Across the street, the vendors had set up shop in their usual locations...

...and the hot dog cart was ready & waiting. So are we... for this to continue for the next month!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rainy Saturday Afternoon on College St.

The weather this past Saturday was soggy- hopefully a sign of an early spring. We had a little flower buying to do & landed on College Street.

The produce outside this shop was practically iridescent
in the gray light.
Anyone for a glass of OJ? They DO call it "liquid sunshine", after all!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Another jaw dropper from Nicola...

More from the amazing Nicola Formichetti.
Check out his genius styling, in stills, as well as
the latest Lady Gaga video
starring Beyonce!
Some will shake their heads in bewilderment.
Some will just not get it or care for the "Lady"and her music.
In our opinion, Mr. Formichetti continues to do awesome work.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today, while the sun was shining...

After a cold and grey winter spent indoors, and with the abundance of sunshine we have been enjoying these last few days, dare we say a week(!), exploring a new 'hood was very much needed. That is why finding such a gem as Pantry was such a joy.
Located in Toronto's Dufferin Grove neighborhood, Pantry was a busy little place today.

Liz and Greg Bolten, busy parents of two, are the owners of this smart little shop. Committed to local, sustainable farming and distribution, they are also providing a variety of fabulous items for your gourmet pantry. The main focus at present is take away, though they will soon be offering a week-end brunch menu that will, no doubt, be a huge hit considering how busy it was today.With partner Eric Walker in charge of the kitchen, on offer were such temptations as apple, cabbage & aged Ontario cheddar pudding; kohlrabi & goat cheese bake ("you'll never go back to boring scallop potatoes again" they claim); as well as beef brisket & wild onion Shepard's pie(!) One could easily be tempted to let Mr. Walker do the cooking more often.

Formally of Jamie Kennedy's kitchens, Eric, a graduate of The Cordon Blue in Ottawa, is also along with Liz and Greg a lover of olives, lemons, chocolate, limes, and mangoes, as well as good sea salt.
Bringing in this wonderful produce they make sure that what ever they bring into this little jewel of a shop, is sustainable, small batch and flat out delicious.
As their web page states,
"whenever we can keep it local, that's what we do"
Our kinda folk....

Not only will you find wonderful food to eat-in or take-away, along with fresh bread, great cappuccino or latte as well as pastries, Pantry also offers wonderful gifts and books.
We saw rustic baskets as well as the greatest "old school" aprons, on sale now from Valentines,
as the cheeky advert suggests...

Well worth checking out, whether the sun is shinning or not.
UPDATE: September 20, 2010
According to the recent edition of City Bites magazine, Pantry has closed its doors.
The space has been taken over by the restaurant Black Skirt

Friday, March 5, 2010

Today's Visionary

While viewing a repeat broadcast of the Brit Awards that included a performance by Lady Gaga, dedicated to the late and dearly missed Alexander McQueen,it suddenly struck us,what a phenom and unique talent the Lady actually is.
Whether you love or hate the music she produces, one cannot escape the truly brilliant visuals that she forever brings forth, which led to the question of who designs/styles this ever evolving envelope- pushing talent..
Though we are sure Ms. Gaga is the one truly in charge of the "Gaga" brand, we are informed (with a little "fan" help, thx Nata) that the brilliance of Italo-Japanese fashion editor at large, Nicola Formichetti, is largely responsible for the look of the Lady.

Born of an Italian father and a Japanese mother in 1970, Mr. Formichetti, a man of formidable talent, is an editor at large as well contributing editor for many of the biggest and well known fashion publications, such as ARENA and Vogue Homme Japan.Creative director for Dazed and Confused, Nicola also has quite an impressive client list that includes la creme de la creme of today's major young stars. Scarlett Johanson, Justin Timberlake as well as the too hot to handle Robert Patterson, and the forever uber cool Chloe Sevigny and heart throbs Gael Garcia Bernal and Jake Gyllenhall are just a few under his creative wings.
Given that, we believe his true genius is in his editorial work.
Nicola Formichetti is brilliant and a true visionary.
All photos courtesy of nicolaformichelli.com

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not to be missed...

We have added a new member to our "feed bag".
When you have a moment please do check out, Style Essentials .There are great posts on a variety essentials for the truly British man.
How could we NOT include a blog that salivates over a pair of these.

Monday, March 1, 2010

We heart RIO

What is it about Rio de Janeiro..........

As one of our previous post mentioned we were blown away when we had the opportunity of visiting this amazing city.

One of our favorite blogs, Made in Brazil posted these photos recently,that are part of an exhibit of 18 photos from an upcoming book,Rio de Cantos 1000, by photojournalist Custodio Coimbra.

Having just seen these two,we believe these to be an exceptional representation of an exceptional city.Should you be lucky enough to soon be visiting Rio (now that it is a "little" cooler),this exhibit will be at Galeria Tempo, til April 24th.

Another amazing book on Rio (can you tell we are a little, just a little, obsessed) was recently published by Tashen.
MaRIO de Janerio Testino is a must for anyone in love with Rio.With a forward by Gisele Bundchen,the exceptionally talented fashion photographer,Mario Testino captures beautifully the heat and sensuality that IS Rio .
We thank Santa for leaving it under our tree this past Christmas.