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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Night Walk

Isn't there something magical about a walk through the city
late, late on a warm summer's night?
The street lighting casts everything in an eerie cinematic glow.

During our recent Toronto staycation we took full advantage of our location & the warm weather to discover the charms of
West Queen West after dark,
arriving finally back at the Thompson.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is it in the water??

A record number projects by Brazilian architects have been nominated this year for
The Emirates Glass Leaf Awards.
Isay Weinfeld Arquitetura was nominated for three of these prestigious awards,including this stunner in
Sao Paulo.

United in Nature:Santo Amaro House

The Thompson Toronto Staycation: Fab week-ends of the summer #2

We are lucky to have our home base in a very central and ideal location in downtown Toronto. We can get anywhere we need to either by subway, taxi or our favourite mode of transport, biking. At the end of June our neighbourhood erupts and explodes into one of the largest celebrations in the Toronto Tourism calendar: Toronto Gay Pride
We whole hardheartedly support this massive festival but living at ground zero, as it were, and with three different sound stages competing for our ears, we don't necessarily want to live with it from Friday noon till Sunday midnight.
So the concept of "Getting out of Dodge" was put into action a while back. We have had our own memorable Pride celebrations, both at home and at Port Hope which was certainly a highlight for a few years. Last year we managed to get a great cottage in Niagara on the Lake, which was ideal. This year our schedules were rather hectic and the thought of trying to find a place out of town (our cottage in NOTL was booked), renting a car, and driving out to wherever sounded a bit overwhelming. So we thought that a "Staycation" would be an ideal situation. A little pampering in our own city might just be the ticket. We hit the jackpot this particular week-end.
The new Thompson Hotel had just opened in the King West area, one of our favourite and most enviable neighbourhoods. After a quick review of available rooms we decided to book one for a couple of nights.Luckily for us, bargains were to be had. We took full advantage. We loved getting a substantial discount for our second night. All dark wood floors and soaring ceilings and groovy tunes greeted us as we approached the check-in desk that is backed by an amazing full lobby length mural by famous Spanish industrial designer/graphic artist Javier Mariscal.
We were led to our room and the surprises started. We had been up-graded to a suite! Let the Pride celebrations begin!We entered to discover a full living/dining area beautifully furnished, as well as a little computer "nook".Unfortunately the WiFi was not complimentary, too bad, one would think that the demographic The Thompson is courting would expect it. No matter, for a small fee we took advantage.After a quick freshen up in the most luxurious of bathrooms a little exploration was in order.
#1 on the list, the famous roof top pool and bar. We were not disappointed!A full 360 degree view of downtown Toronto. Amazing! As was the bar and clientèle. Crowded by over stuffed double loungers, the pool and surrounding area is small and was packed, but given that this was truly the first hot summer week-end, not surprising.
Since the condo dwellers, we assume, have access to the pool and are allowed a guest or two, the place was jammed, which added to the vibe and not necessarily in a bad way. Note to self ...must return to the gym.Once the new Thompson Condos are built we would assume that the owners/renters will have their own pool, because at the moment it seemed rather difficult for paying hotel guests to get any space to lounge and take sun on what currently seems to be the best patio in the city to see and, more importantly, to be seen.

The action only got better when we returned for a night cap after dinner- Full On Action.Beautiful, pretty young things, drinking and swaying to the great sound system. AND that view!

We returned the following morning. Space continued to be at a premium, this at barely 11 a.m. We were informed that at around 2 p.m. a live D.J. was to be coming in and spinnin' a few tunes. We took a pass preferring to return for a nightcap. That night, we discovered a much quieter vibe. It was Sunday night after all; perhaps everyone had a slight hangover? One can only assume! We discovered they had run out of Prosseco earlier on in the afternoon! Maybe we should have stayed.We got up the following morning to another gorgeous sunny day. Bee, whose practice is only a short walk away, was up and having breakfast after a shower in the aforementioned glorious bathroom. (We are still wondering, though, who came up with the trend to have the full floor to ceiling window in the shower stall giving onto the bedroom (!))...and is this truly necessary? Are we missing something here?

Not really wanting to have a full-on breakfast in the restaurant, nor the expensive room service, we had chosen to do a little shopping and bring in our own light breakfast to be consumed while reading our complimentary Globe and Mail. Given the space we were given and the full kitchen and dining room, one would have thought that some dishes, cutlery, linens and a few extra glasses might have been provided.
That unfortunately was not the case. Only 2 glasses were provided in the bathroom plus 2 in the kitchen area along with 2 wine glasses. Another glass was to be found in the powder room. No dishes or cutlery. Our fab breakfast in our deluxe suite was consumed with plastic utensils from the grocery store! A simple coffee maker would also have added a nice touch. Yet basking in the glow of it all, off Jay went to the closest "buckies", ordered his usual, and picked up the new Hercules Magazine. Returning to the pool deck, which given it was Monday morning was deliciously empty, to luxuriate in the quiet and heat of the morning sun till check out time.All in all, our staycation at The Thompson was FAB! We look forward to trying the new Scarpetta Restaurant that was to open shortly after our departure. There were a few minor glitches here and there that we can only blame on opening jitters. The general aesthetics of the hotel and its design were really unsurpassed, as was the young staff and fashion/design crowd reveling in it all.Add a hot summer week-end and The Thompson had a hit on it's hands, as did we. Would we recommend it? Sure, but not to those easily intimidated by the young clubby vibe.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Porter Airlines excursion: Fab week-ends of the summer #1

Our first long week-end of the summer seems to have set a precedent for the rest of (so far) this season. Jay's Papa was hitting a milestone birthday and Maman had planned a big "surprise" pour Papa. Of course by the time all transpired Papa had had it all figured out! Since we were both very busy with various projects, driving to Montreal for the week-end was out of the question and the train would take too long, which left only the option of flying. Tickets for our national airlines, as well as getting to and from the airport, were a little eyebrow raising so...plan B was put into action. Which led us to one of our first delightful discoveries of this summer: Porter Airlines.The beauty of Porter is the fact that it is so easy, and what do we all want now when travelling? Easy! A quick and inexpensive cab ride from our home base to the Billy Bishop Toronto Downtown Airport, then literally a 5 minute ferry ride and you're there.We cannot assume that it is always this easy or that the staff is always this courteous... but when we arrived our check in took mere minutes and the same through security. Heaven!(These ladies, above, rode their bikes to the airport, took the ferry, folded up their bikes and off to Montreal they they went! How cool is that?!) We then we hit the lounge. A sea of calm prevailed...
Free WiFi at the banks of Apple Computers, along with the beige and taupe color scheme, said it all as you exited the escalator to your right. To your left was the "kitchen" where one could help oneself to cappuccino (fab), tea, water, juices, cookies, etc etc...all gratis.Sitting in the lounge, we must admit to being somewhat shell-shocked at how easy this was and how pampered we were. In retrospect, could we have expected anything less from the branding genius that is Tyler Brule and his Winkreative and Monocle teams?Not really, but still astonishing since we were paying the same as an economy flight out of Pearson would have cost us. When, lately, had we been treated like this?! What more could we expect since we hadn't even boarded the plane yet?!Needless to say the exceptional and courteous service continued throughout both outbound and inbound flights.The small premium spent (which was virtually negated by not having to take ground transport to and from Pearson) was well worth it. We were being treated as a travelling consumer who has a choice of carriers in getting to and from a variety of destinations, and we were being appreciated as such.
What a perfect way to start a celebration!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Seen: The Grackle Coffee Company, Schomberg, Ontario

...The Grackle's charming storefront on Main Street in Schomberg.

This is a great little coffee shop on the pretty Main Street of Schomberg. We recently heard about it from a friend who had discovered some delectable chilled soups there. On our way up north last weekend we popped by to pick some up ourselves- melon, mango and cucumber- a little mint and a touch of chili heat....yummmy!

Oh, and they make a mean cappuccino!