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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Worshipping at the House of Armani

This past fall we were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity of returning to our beloved Italy.

As some who’ve been,know very well,one,two or even three trips to this multi faceted and diverse country cannot begin to even scratch the surface.
We have had the pleasure of visiting all the major cities and then some of this vast and diverse country.
 The wonder and sheer madness of Roma. The beauty and intimacy of Firenze and the rugged and beautiful passion that is Napoli.
 We indeed have been blessed.

No,this year we chose that world famous capitol of all things design, Milano!
...hard to believe that these two design infatuated “BoBo” had not been before.

 So flights were soon booked!
Apartment rented and off we went to spend two design filled weeks in design Mecca.
Truth be known,upon arrival,our list of “must sees” was so long we actually had to make a day by day schedule,to accommodate all we wished to accomplish and see! 
We also needed to check what was in store weather wise since a trip to Lake Como and Isola Bella was also planned,so...but that’s another post.
...this post we concentrate on fashion and the high priest,some may even call him, 
the pope of fashion, 
Giorgio Armani and his Silos.
Mr. Armani chose to call it “Silos” not only because the building at one time did store food,which is essential to life, but also because, like food,clothes to Mr. Armani is very much essential to life.
Set in the lush neighbourhood of Zona Tortona on Via Bergognone and opened in April 2015,
stands the temple that is the house of Armani.
At 4,500 square meters of monolithic concrete and designed by self taught Japanese master
 Tadao Ando,the monument to all things simple and orderly rises before you .
As you walk towards the impressive double height doors,you are met by the requisite,extremely good looking, tall,perfectly groomed young men,all dressed in black Armani,who gladly and ever so efficiently guide you to the coat check and cashiers.

Upon entering the ground floor is an art gallery.
When we visited it was the ethereal works of Sarah Moon.Glorious!Wish we had had more time, but we had 4 fashion filled floors of Armani to discover! 
And we were not disappointed.
Each floor,did not disappoint.
Huge loft spaces each with “islands” of looks from a particular season and or year.
All with their own looks and feel. Nothing behind glass or partitions.
No stanchions keeping you at bay! 
One was allowed to get up close to every beautifully designed and intricately manufactured piece,
and we were allowed to take photographs!
It was the perfect match of interior design,architecture and fashion!
What more could we possibly have ever wanted from a glorious afternoon in divine Milano.
A true highlight among numerous highlights during our two week stay.

 More to come...

Monday, January 7, 2019

a simple joy....

A book. 

 A simple joy...to have the opportunity to read at ones leisure without noise or interruption.

A simple joy ..sadly often forgotten in these fast paced social media driven times.

A simple joy.. lost to many,but a treasure for us who know of its wondrous capabilities.
   A simple joy.. of the wonders of blissful uninterrupted sleep after reading a few chapters.

A simple joy.. of having one or two books on the go. 
A simple joy.. of relishing life at a slower pace.

A simple joy.. that brings escape,adventure and fantasy.
A simple joy.. that stirs the soul and enriches the imagination....but you knew that.
Happy reading.