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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Folly at Honeywell Hill

As you may recall, we vacationed this past October "in our own backyard" by renting a charming property called Honeywell Hill just outside of Cobourg, Ontario (Property link here). The land was quite spectacular, rising steeply behind the house to a ridge with views back to Lake Ontario, then gently climbing further to an old stacked log fence, now quite grown in, which probably at one time marked a property line.
A broad opening in the fence row (photo below) leads into an adjoining pasture with views to the north across a forested valley and over to the next ridge. In the autumn sunshine, it was breathtakingly beautiful!
If you continue to follow the path flanking the fence eastward towards a wooded boundary, suddenly you stumble upon the "Sunset Folly". The Folly is an absolutely charming little structure, romantically dilapidated, constructed of an amalgam of old windows, and designed for viewing the long- lingering sunsets of summer.
As with all of Honeywell Hill, there has been a sophisticated artistic hand at work here. The transparency reveals a palette of primary colours, and within- just as throughout the main house- the space is home to art. In this case, the artwork is doing double duty in providing expanded quarters for a family of birds.
We think it's safe to say that it's been a while since anyone actually used the furniture while contemplating nature, so nature has decided to take it upon herself to re-acquire the raw materials...in her slow and deliberate way.
The October sun slips away too far to the south for us to have been able to experience sunset across the meadow at the Folly, but even in the morning light it's not hard to imagine just how magical it must be!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seen...made us smile

One of our neighbours thoughtfully cuts the Sudoku from her paper every morning and leaves it at the door of a second neighbour. For the longest time we'd seen the little clipping lying on the second neighbour's stoop every morning as we left for work. But magically one recent day, the Sudoku was pinned to the door jamb. One of the two had realized that a magnet combined with a metal door frame was a far more convenient (and elegant, we would argue) solution to the daily hand-off. If anyone ever wanted a definition of what design is, this is it: simple, functional, and pleasing solutions to life's "problems", however big or small.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Balcony Farming- still sputtering along!

We're a little surprised, but these little fire bombs just keep on going and going! It's hard to imagine they'll retain their enthusiasm after today's temperatures, but we'll be patient as long as they wanna stay and play! (photo from 2 days ago)

Friday, November 18, 2011

friday frequencies- our current infatuation

Earlier this week, a song playing in the background on our usual internet radio station caught hold of our ear and made us check the screen credits. Gabin. Never heard of them. A short itunes search later and we were hooked. And there was also a small dent in our credit card, a result of having aquired the album called Third and Double. Go figure- it's their third album, and it's a double set! It's an eclectic album- jazzy, housy, some more traditional instrumental cuts- but it was the two "nu- jazz" (hate that term) songs below featuring soulful Mia Cooper that really resonated.  

Here's a link to Gabin's myspace page, and you'll find a little bio here. And, of course, you can preview and purchase on itunes here.

This first song, "So Many Nights", is the one that snagged us. A Bacharach-esque lead-in sets up a forward- moving rhythm. It's melody is melancholic yet optimistic, in that "Got through it before and I'll get through it again" kinda way. Love it!

The second cut- "Keep It Cool" has a funkier groove. Make sure you stick with it past the 45 second mark, where it really kicks into gear!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Keep It Cool!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

#11ElevenLive- 23:00EST

Wow! What a day! So, here we are on our balcony, where we began it 17 hours ago! Still about 30 minutes left in 11.11.11, but this is the closing of an amazing experience for us. We hope you all had a great day. 

But remember- it's all just a few numbers, and if you approach every day with same attitude that you did today, then every day of the rest of your life could be awesome. 
Sounds sappy? 
Well, actually, it's within your power and it's all up to you! 
Have a great life!!

#11ElevenLive- 22:00EST

Well, you know how TV is these days- 200 channels and there's nothin' on-- sooo... we're wasting a few brain cells watching some queer TV before the night ends- welcome to OUT, the campiest way to veg in front of the tube. And you know what? It's pretty funny!

#11ElevenLive- 21:00EST

Consuming pizza...
 ...of course, we start with opening a nice bottle of wine. Tonight a shout out to our friends in Mendoza!
uhmm...looks like those oven dried tomatoes weren't entirely "dry"

#11ElevenLive- 20:00EST

Pizza prep
Friday night ritual chez nous. The unusual addition for tonight is the oven dried cherry tomatoes.

#11ElevenLive- 19:00EST

After that we really need this cocktail!

#11ElevenLive- 17:00EST

The ride home from the office:

#11ElevenLive- 18:00EST

Back on after a mild re-set...worx like a charm....

 A trip to the grocery store on the way home:
...not attending Bear Night later on, BTW

#11ElevenLive- 16:00EST

Investigating the next steps...

#11ElevenLive- 15:00EST

workin', workin' workin' ...
some folks are headed home already:
what are YOU doing RIGHT NOW?
Let us know and we'll share...

#11ElevenLive- 14:00EST

meanwhile back at the office, time for a re-boot:

#11ElevenLive- 13:00EST

The usual lunch routine:

#11ElevenLive- 12:00EST

Lunch Hour stroll- the usual territory, but leaving the routine behind:
 the back stairwell
 the park across from the office
 memorial to run down skateboarder
 Symmetrical ductwork
 behind the youth hostel
 flat tree
 graffiti alley
 graffiti alley meets Queen St. W.
 Looking Up at Queen and Spadina
Lunch rush on Spadina