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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Food... Glorious Food, Pt. 2

From our *...Glorious Food, Pt.1* post one might think that we strongly believe that the "grass is greener on the other side", but nothing could be further from the truth regarding our culinary tastes.

Our home, Toronto, is often called a city of neighbourhoods and because of these "neighbourhoods", we are blessed with a plethora of choice. Amen to that!

One of our favourite neighbourhoods is Kensington Market, one of the oldest parts of the city. Kensington Market began in the early 20th century with European Jews immigrating and creating a self sufficient community there. Throughout the years, due to it's racial and ethnic harmony, Kensington has continued to welcome people from all over the world where they often find their first home.
We cannot be away from Kensington too long before we NEED to go back. Whether it is for our fave Vietnamese at Pho Hung (see post2/6/10) or Mexican at El Trompo (see post1/25/10 ) or Chilean at Jumbo Empanada (see post2/20/10 ) we can't get enough.

Kensington is often the first place we visit that reconnects us to Toronto when ever we return from a holiday.
For some reason it has taken us this long (very) to think of Kensington for our every day produce, like meat, fruit and veg from old time Portuguese fruit and veg vendors, to the best kosher butchers where you can get free range chickens the size of small turkeys, for a fraction of what they charge uptown! Really we kid you not.As with most urban areas, a new generation has started to come to the market: Locavores, most often environmentally conscious, just out of culinary or trade schools, they are taking over where some have retired. Nothing like new blood to recharge a neighbourhood.One of these is a sea food merchant that has recently opened,where for the first time we saw uni being sold (not so local.. but hey..) and oysters from both our coasts. We also found sushi grade tuna, sashimi, Alaskan crab, as well as Ontario Pickerel, yumm. A new butcher has also just opened where for decades an old butcher stood selling a few meager ox tail in his window. Now the window is filled with locally raised beef and pork. Each time we have gone by, there seems to always be a group just staring in amazement at the variety being offered. We recently purchased for $6 (!) two amazingly fresh Osso Bucco that blew our socks off. Again at half the price we would have paid in the 'hood.Toronto also boasts one of the largest Chinese Communities in North America, we have heard second only to San Fransisco, with at least 4 or 5 quite substantial Chinatowns. One of those, north of the city, has the best, we are told, authentic Chinese food this side of the pacific. (we're sure our cousins in Vancouver would object) with prices to match. Not having a vehicle to take us there and sample these delicacies has been unfortunate, but perhaps one day...
Til then we will satisfy ourselves with the many Chinatowns that are around us. There are many "supermarkets" in our local Chinatown but none is bigger than T&T. They have taken the north american supermarket idea and made it their own. Vast and clean, one can choose from the most authentic take away or all the fixin's for an authentic Chinese feast. One can also pick up fresh fish, pastries, fruit, veg and meat as well as all those great oriental snacks. We often stop to get a sushi platter there, fresh and made in house, you can't beat it.We will continue to review the many tastes of Toronto.
Keep checking back for Korean, South Asian, Caribbean and more food...glorious food!

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  1. Thanks B and J...although I am only steps away...I guess it is the old...."can't see the forest for the trees"