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Friday, October 29, 2010

Droll Decimation of Men's Fashion Blogs

 Thanks to The Cool Hunter we were recently turned-on to this fresh and *crispy* blog. It has us falling off our chair laughing. In contrast to the usual street fashion blogs, which focus on "the look" with little or no comment (just an implied mutual hipness), Fuck Yeah Menswear is all about the wicked prose.  Each post is  set up by a single shot followed by the witty devestation. Here's an example:

image courtesy The Sartorialist via fuckyeahmenswear.tumblr.com
Scoots Dore has been tailing me all day.
Sting operation outside my dorm.
Code red.
DEFCON 4 level swag.
I’m on some transcendent shit.
St. Jeezy knit and white jeggings.
S/S 2010.
Barbour Beau and my Beanies, baby.
F/W 1923.
Moleskin and a brown bag lunch.
NYU Class of ‘13.
I’m a goddamn trend transformer.
Tumblr’s own Optimus Prime.
Decepticons mad salty when they see me up on The Sart.
Get ‘em some Dr. Scholl’s for their beefrolls.
Medium rare.
Ya boy stays well done.
Burning up.
Charred out.
Dripping in steez sauce.
A.1. icon.
Someone tell Scotty to pop this mo’fucker in Photoshop.
I deserve to be in black and white.
When I’m stunting on co-eds.
And pretending to look interested.


By the way, here are a couple of definitions from Urban Dictionary that might prove useful in making your way through FYM's posts:

The word "steez" has many definitions or uses.
Sure it can mean "style with ease", but that's plain old fucking gay. I mean come on, style with ease, a word such as steez possesses so much more possibilities than those three words limit it to.
1. Steez is ones overall state of being. Whether it be the way some one dresses or acts, they can have the aura that is STEEZ.
2. The way some one carries their self is also a branch of Steez. Only this time we break it down and add a "Y" to the word. Steezy. Steezy can describe the way something looks, the way you may feel, or the way you think some one else looks.
3. Like I said, steez is a wide open word that can be used to an endless amount of possibilities and combonations. Adding steez as a prefix or a suffix often makes you less steezy, but can enhance your state of STEEZcreativity. Think about it.
1. Bro, that kid has mad steez. Check out his shoes man, those shit are mad steez.
2. Aw shit that car is damn steezy. I'd feel like a steezmonkey riding in that shit for sure.
3. STEEZmonkey (good thing) STEEZbomb (good thing) STEEZnugget (good thing) STEEZfaced (being intoxicated) STEEZmonster (bad thing)

To be hot.. one of a kind... confidant about yourself ..sexy..
Many use this word, but few have yet to grasp the true meaning, the true essence behind it. Someone can have a crispy personality, a crispy attitude, a crispy style. Crispy is about being happy about how you look, how you dress, how you act, how you think. Alot of woman carry the "crispy" attitude into clubs.
"oh sara you're so fucking crispy tonight"
new yorks word to describe your hair cut, hair do,your way of style, your sneakers or shirt
1.yo those are some crispy ass braids on that nigga. 2. yo steve harveys shape up madd crispy. 3. yo loon got a crispy ass goatee. 4. yo that nigga p. diddy is a crispy ass niggs. 5. yo i new to get me a pair of crispy ass air force ones and a crispy ass white tee.
And it helps to know of a few of the folks referenced. In this case, Scoots and Dore are found in our very own feedbag:



Just giving Scoots the last name Doré is "dripping in steez sauce", doncha think?...

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