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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Woo Hoo!! We Made it to One Year!!

Bobo Feed has just had its first birthday and we're thrilled! It's amazing how quickly a year has passed. And we're kind of surprised by how easy it's been to stay continuously inspired for that next post and then the one after that, and the one after that. But then again, that's the very nature of Bobo Feed- always on to the next thing that catches our eyes or ears...and with a broad enough net that there are endless possibilities for things to talk about.
That broad net had actually caused us some concern at one point. We were feeling that the blog lacked focus. But after a little bit of tweaking last August to help us categorize our main areas of interest (Architecture and Design; Fashion and Styling; Food and Drink; Travel; and Urban Living), along with the evolution of a few common themes such as "Seen...",  "Sorry, We're Closed", and "Looking Up" we managed to relax into what we think is a faily consistent groove. We hope you agree. And as always, we encourage you to comment on each post directly below the post, and to contact us (bobofeed [at] gmail [dot] com) with any ideas or suggestions. You can also comment at our Facebook page.
Speaking of Facebook, we unfortunately took many of you on a little ride down  a dead-end street by asking you to "friend" Bobo Feed on Facebook. Unbeknownst to us at the time, however, Bobo Feed was really only ever supposed to have a Facebook PAGE, not an account that people "friended". Ah, the mis-steps of the novice!

Fear not, though! Bobo Feed DOES have a Facebook PAGE and we'd love it if you would head on over there and LIKE us if you haven't already! You can go there straight from here or you can click on the like button in the Facebook box on the right of this page. One benefit of liking the Facebook page is that we often link to other cool  Bobo- friendly things we've seen on Facebook or elsewhere on the web without doing a full blog post on the subject. So by "liking" Bobo Feed on facebook you get some bonus content!
In the coming days we will have lots of great new info to share! On Friday of this week we're off to IDS11, the annual Interior Design show, where we will be hearing three dynamic speakers and reviewing all the sexy new product offerings on display. In addition, we'll soon be kicking off a new guest posting feature that we hope will be a fairly regular one: "Postcard From..." We know so many people  (so many of you!) scattered across the globe that it just seemed like a no brainer to find out  about some of the cool things happening in those corners we're not so familiar with. Hopefully some will become regular correspondants.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your interest and support. We promise to try to keep it relevant, informative and fun. And we wish you all good fortune in 2011!!
(Postcard image above courtesy Toronto Life)

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