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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Memories of a perfect day in Buenos Aires

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Let's not kid ourselves....it has been wet here the last few days...really wet! But the plus side is that when the sun comes out, as it did today, everything is blissfully green and the spring "aroma" is....just simply divine! It is never much fun when it rains when you are on holiday but...we have taken it as a sign from the gods to "slow it down, fellas"! So we listen, as hard as it may be...naps, reading that new novel bought just for this...and just enjoy it! ....but when the sun returns!!! Oh my! We are children!

Today was one of those days! It is spring here after all, so that is a huge bonus in the olfactory department. As in everywhere else in spring, things are 'a-blooming' and there is no better hue of green than "early spring green". We had noticed on a previous trip a "bijoux" of a museum not far from our place, and since the weather was to clear why not give it a try? Added bonus, the Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo was free on our chosen day! Since the museum only opened at 14:00 we thought that a morning visiting the surrounding parks might be grand! We were not disappointed! Along with the aforementioned "greenness", flowering trees and monumental statuary surrounded us, all this a mere 5 to 10 minute walk from our home base! A chance encounter of a single file of "leaf cutting" ants proved awe inspiring, their huge wind-challenged endevour stretching dozens of meters from their destination!
Our journey continued through yet another park where we discovered in the distance one of Buenos Aires' most iconic sites, that of the "Floralis Generica"... Needless to say many pictures were taken at a site that we really had not thought of seeing!
We continued our way passed phenomenal "brutalist" architecture, across the busy avenue where we spotted, again in the distance, the National Library. We took note that after lunch and our museum visit it was only a short walk to this architectural marvel. Lunch was a simple, light affair that suited us just fine before our arrival at the magnificent French inspired chateau where an incredible exhibition of art from various museums in the "La Marche" region of Italy did not disappoint! The chateau was a fine example of late 18th bourgeoisie, with grand rooms including a miniature version of the hall of mirrors of Versailles! Then as is our habit here, a short stop for a "cortado" on a sun dappled terrace in the Museo before our next stop, the National Library!
The Biblioteca Nacional did not disappoint, in all it's '70's architectural concrete splendor, made even better with the mid afternoon sunlight giving us the opportunity of multiple photos! We continued on, feeling energized, through the leafy well to do "barrio" of Recoleta to the must stop of any visit to Buenos Aires, Recoleta Cemetery.
The "light" of the late afternoon proved to be the perfect opportunity for many moody, textual photos. Crowded, overgrown and even, dare we admit, somewhat "romantic" in many ways, we return here every time we visit this incredible city to pay homage to "Evita", along with the many laid to rest here in this most bustling and amazing part of Buenos Aires.
By this time we had ventured quite far from home and it being just after 18:00 we thought our best plan would be to take a cab home. This is one of the many joys here in BsAs! Cabs are so plentiful and inexpensive that for much less than you might expect, you can get a great ride to your destination and if you are as lucky, as we were this day, have a cabby playing wonderful old school tango! The ride home from Recoleta to Palermo home base was a whopping $4.00! What's not to love?!
Taxi photo courtesy PhillipC on Flickr


Watch for our post on the wonders of Recoleta Cemetery, 
coming soon!

Watch for our post on the striking Biblioteca Nacional, 
coming soon!  


  1. I've never been to Buenos Aires (or anywhere else in South America, come to that) but it's long been a city that has captured my imagination. Thanks for sharing your photos and experience here.

  2. You're very welcome, and there's more to come! We're sure our friends will be sick of the place by the time we're done, but there's still so much we want to share!

    We've been posting about Buenos Aires since before we left; if you're interesetd you can see more by clicking on the Buenos Aires tag in the column to the right of the page -->