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Monday, December 10, 2012

Nigella Lawson's Hot Alfajores

Hasn't happened. We checked. So far as we can tell, Nigella Lawson has never baked alfajores, at least not that she's chosen to share with her public. And that's probably a pity, because we bet Nigella Lawson's hot alfajores would be, well...HOT!
"Nigella slowly raised the biscuit to her full glistening lips, a light dusting of icing sugar wafting downward, alighting ever so gently on her cashmere-clad bosom. As she took her first bite she turned slightly to face us and looked directly into our eyes, holding our mesmerized gaze. Her lips curled into a wicked smile, her eyes spoke to us, whispering "naughty, naughty boy", and she gave forth that familiar moan of pleasure, the one she always utters when her own culinary prowess pleases her.

In a second it was over; she was straight back to business. "Right..." she said as she started to tidy the kitchen. We didn't hear the rest, but of course we noticed that little lashing of dulce de leche that hung delicately on the edge of her mouth. We swore momentarily that it was animate, regarding us smugly as if it was an ex lover's new boyfriend. For a flash of  a second we hated all the men of Argentina."
Occasionally we have a look at the statistics on how people find us here at Bobo Feed. Regularly vying for top "search key words"- and this has been consistent ever since we first blogged them- are *Nigella Lawson*, *Alfajores*, and *Nigella Lawson Hot*. (We hasten to add that the word "hot" has been added by those doing the internet searching, not by us.) We're a class act...until now.
Ah, yes...food and sex. Both, of course are embodied in that Temptress of London. And the act of eating an alfajor immediately forces upon one a choice- look like an idiot as you try to avoid the mess it is about to make of your shirt and face, or become a hedonist so intent on the pleasure of consumption that you have them swooning at your feet while you lick the golden cream from your lips. You may as well make it work for you! Dulce de Leche = La Dolce Vita, we say.

So here we are, shamelessly repeating the words that will bring us traffic, using a little titillation to help us shill the brand. Hmmm, that dish tastes a little familiar ;-)
Well, you've read this far so we'd better reward you with more than a tease for your time. Here's a nice recipe (untested) for alfajores. Remember to channel your best kitchen goddess or god as you take your first bite!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE NIGELLA!!! And yes, I too think she is incredibly hot.

    Like you, I am a bit fan of alfajores - and would eat them every day if I had such easy access to them all the time! The Havana ones, although commercialised, are still pretty damn good, I must admit. But I think my favourites thus far are the ones from Nucha (in the photo of my alfajores post). They were just so delicate and crumbled beautifully in your mouth, and the flavours were simply divine. Mmmmm. My mouth is watering just thinking about them!

    Am so happy to come across your blog too and as a fellow foodie, look forward to following you and coming across more of your posts! :)

    All the best


  2. Hi, Milsters;

    Thanks so much for joining our merry band of followers!

    The Havannas are not bad, but individual shops are usually better bets (as with most things). We haven't had the chance to try Nucha, but we certainly will next time we're in BsAs.

    Our first experience with alfajores (and Havannas) was an early morning flight to Bariloche, where they were served as breakfast. The cabin went berserk with joy as people opened up their little carbord LAN boxes and discovered what was inside. It was very amusing to see!