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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Super Descuento Morales- Aisle 3

Aisle 3 is another that we can often be found perusing. One could call it the "gourmet" aisle of Morales!
This is where you buy your major cooking supplies if you can't get to Sam's Club over on the main island

Who amongst us doesn't have a fridge full of condiments? Well, aisle 3 is where you find everything from Balsamic vinegar & decent Spanish olive oil to taco sauce, with a few curiosities thrown into the mix. Who knew that Puerto Ricans had such a sweet spot for Asian sauces??

Coqui Fire is a local success story. Their representation in Morales has often been hit or miss, but this year there was an excellent selection, & it looks to us like the product line may have been expanded. This is one truly Viequense souvenir that we always carry back for our friends.

This shelf is always a mandatory stop for us, as we cannot live (seriously!) without Dijon mustard, but the other items available are truly inspiring (or is that mind boggling?)
The plum sauce seems to be out of place considering its "associates" are about 20 feet to the south (see two pictures above). Clam juice is easier to find here than at our local market in Toronto, & of course, who could possibly survive a vacation without the hearts of palm, pickled baby corn cobs, or the white asparagus??

Or for that matter, the artichoke & oysters? We've been to a few fancy soirées here on the island, but we've yet to be offered escargots!!

We also grab a couple of cans of the stuffed olives from La Española (we love the ones with the anchovies inside), but admit to never having sampled the baby conch! And 'ya gotta love the juxtaposition of the "Chik'n Dinner" with the quail eggs!!

Surely the most fascinating aisle in the entire store!


  1. thanks for the Coqui Fire tip! i'll be sure to check those out...

  2. Love these photos and your "report" on Superdescuento Morales! (Not to be confused with the Supermercado Morales in Isabel II proper --where there is no parking and less selction!) The shelves look much more well-stocked --especially with Coqui Sauce -- than has been our experience in "real life" on our 2 trips to Vieques (and multiple trips to the supermarket).
    Read the Coqui bottles very closely: the varieties are radically different from each other, eg, like a tomato-based salsa to thick dijon mustard type; and the "fire levels" aren't as accurate --to my palate --as labeled: much hotter than indicated! It was really funny when I asked at the Esperanzo Morales for Coqui: the worker was horrified -- apparently, he thought I meant actual coquis: frogs! I didn't realize this until later.I told him the Superdescuento Morales carries it, and he didn't want to outright contradict me, so he said something like, "Really?!" (Our conversation was in Spanish.)
    I would mention to be very careful in the parking lot: it's kind of anarchistic and a huge iguana leisurely crossed our path (we were in the car, but got out to look). Don't park in front: too hard to get out -- drive in the entrance on left side (facing the store) and park there. But don't be surprised to find exiting cars coming toward you.
    Meat comes in on Tuesdays, I think, but isn't necessaarily cut and prepared for sale until Wednesdays -- or may be sold out by then. FOrget shopping for meat (except frozen) toward the end of the week: it goes very quickly. Everything seems to depend on whether things are loaded onto the ferry. There's always food to be found somewhere though... Don't underestimate the little colmados!